Strength Point

PT Wiguna Satya Utama provides project cargo shipping services.

Special Packaging and Loading Techniques

As a company that focuses on project cargo and is supported by a team with up to a dozen years of experience in the field of cargo, we use special techniques to pack and load objects of various shapes, sizes, and weight. Our packing techniques are very beneficial to the client in terms of efficiency and speed of delivery, since many products that are usually shipped by a break bulk system can now be delivered via containers. Our loading style is one of our main advantages and is rarely matched by other companies.

"Our special loading techniques allow us to ship cargo that was formerly shipped through break bulk systems to now be delivered via containers, allowing goods to be shipped faster than before and also be more cost-efficient."

Transparent and clear reports

We fully understand the needs of cargo owners to know the status of the shipment; therefore, we provide a detailed report every day as to the whereabouts of all goods. We also provide photographic evidence to clarify the status of all shipments. These reports have been recognized by our clients as one of our strong points, as we keep them updated on the status of their goods.